The Ropes Course can be a great way to meet new people, but we have options to keep your adventure private.

Adventure Land NY @ Ring Homestead Camp c provides powerful corporate adventure, team-building workshops, and leadership development programs. We use challenging and exciting adventure experiences to thrust leaders and their teams beyond fear-based thinking and limitations into high-performance teamwork that generates remarkable business results. We can help you transform the way your team functions!

For over 20 years, Adventure Land NY @ Ring Homestead Camp has been providing companies, schools and camps with training that develops the leadership skills needed to enhance their performance and obtain better business results.

Why Use Adventure Learning?

Studies show that teams learn about high-performances when they experience it!

At Adventure Land NY @ Ring Homestead Camp our clients don’t just talk about success, they experience it together in invigorating ways. We have integrated performance concepts into our hands-on learning experiences, thus creating the blueprints for high performance and cooperative teamwork.

Corporate Adventure Events

For new projects, grand openings, company-wide events and celebrations, we offer UNFORGETTABLE energizers that are BIG on fun and EASY on the budget. These programs can accommodate over 200 participants at a time. Ring Homestead Camp can organize and lead an inspirational experience that will have everyone laughing and working together, like nothing you have ever participated in before.

Team Building Workshops

This program is for newly formed and established teams, as well as groups in the midst of change who want to access new levels of team performance. We offer half-day, full-day and two-day Ropes Course experiences, focusing on the development of teamwork, trust, communication, goal setting and leadership.

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