Frequently Asked Questions

Yes. You are fitted with a safety harness, and our facilitators explain all the activities to you, besides being with you during all the whole time you are on any given activity. They will always be right there to help you along, and to ensure your safety, and the safety of others around you.

Our ropes course is geared towards for ages 3 to 83.

Yes. Waivers can be found on our web site. You can either down load the waivers from there, copy them (1 per person, or fill them out at check-in) We do required an adult/guardian or parent sign the waivers, one per each minor.

Sneakers, boots, (please do not wear Uggs, they may get dirty), or comfortable shoes. (no sandals please). You will be walking in rough terrain.

Dress in layers. Long pants preferred.

Girl’s who wear skirts, please wear leggings, pajama bottoms or extra skirt under their skirts. Bring rain poncho’s, just in case (we run rain or shine).

Reservations are suggested, with a deposit, to ensure our staff is ready to start your fun day, as soon as possible. Our sales associates are always ready to help you make a reservation, if needed.

Yes ! We have added a brand new type of Ropes course where you are fitted with a safety harness and walk up onto a catwalk up in the trees, where your will find many elements to complete before coming down …… AND we have also added our new, very popular Camo Run Tube Ride. Which is an exciting 260 foot duel racing downhill tube ride in an inflatable tube. No snow or water required, runs on it’s own track, and we also have a smaller tube run for the younger children. Lots of fun for all ages !

Yes, you sure can. We have packages that include a mix of activities. Our sales associates can guide you thru the planning of the best outdoor adventure, ever!.

Paintball is a FUN and Friendly Sport where a team tries to capture their Opponent’s Flag without getting “splattered” by a paintball. The paintballs are filled with a NON-Toxic water soluble, washable coloring.

ANYONE 10 YEARS AND OLDER that have wits, stamina, a sense of humor and most of all a need for ADVENTURE!

Paintball is one of the safest sports and statistically has the least number of injuries of all sports – which include baseball, bowling, fishing and many other sports. As with any other sport/activity, there is always the potential for injury. As long as standard safety rules are followed and the proper use of industry developed & approved safety equipment is utilized, paintball is one of the safest, participatory sports in the world.

While the staff at every professional paintball park or playing field does its best to keep players safe and safety equipment is used to prevent injury, paintballs can sting on impact to bare skin. Players are encouraged to use equipment available for rent or sale at paintball parks from overalls and neck protectors to gloves and padded chest protectors to take the “sting” out of their first few games.

Individuals and groups of all sizes are welcome. For individuals or small groups (less than 20 people) we will form paintball teams, let your party stay together, and do our best to match you against a group of equal size and skill. If you have a group of 20 or more, you will play on a variety of private paintball fields all day—just you and your friends!

Players should wear old comfortable clothing (ex: military pants, sweat pants and shirts, overalls, denim, etc,) and may also want to bring a change of clothes for the conclusion of the game day. The most suitable footwear would be a light boot, but old running shoes are most commonly worn. Cleats are NOT allowed.

Yes. You can bring your own equipment to the park; however, it will be at the discretion of the field manager whether you can use it. All equipment must meet our safety requirements. We reserve the right to not allow certain equipment which does not meet our standards. Your equipment must meet the following criteria:

Goggles must be designed for paintball play – free of cracks and cannot be altered in anyway.

Paintball Markers must meet standard industry safety criteria. Maximum allowed velocity is 280.