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  • Other Activities

  • Camping

    Ring Homestead Camp Inc. offers one of the most exciting outdoor adventure activities, and it happens in the dark. As a participant you will be involved in numerous activities that include: learning how to make a fire, fire making competitions, learning how to see in the dark, participating in our famous night walk, and roasting marshmallows over a large bonfire! These are just some of the activities that are incorporated in our overnight program. We can customize your overnight to suit your needs.

  • Fishing

    This exciting activity gives the participant a chance to get face to face with nature. Ring Homestead Camp's professional instructors will show you the ins and outs of fishing. You will get the opportunity to feel the excitement and rush of a one to one fight. Sorry we are nature friendly. We hold a "catch and release policy". This activity can be combined with any one of our other activities.

  • Hiking

    Ring Homestead Camp Inc. offers a wide variety of hiking packages. From an on premise hike to an off premise hike, we have all the bases covered. Whether you are interested in mountain views or the thick greenery in the forest, or professional team members will show you a safe fun time, with information about wildlife, and the environment that surrounds you. Hiking packages can also be combined with any one of our outdoor activities.

  • Swimming

    This outdoor adventure activity involves getting wet in an on premises 25x50 in-ground pool. This pool was designed for fun. With a starting depth of 3' and a max depth of 5', this allows for volleyball, basketball, swimming classes, lifeguarding classes, etc. The possibilities are endless. This activity can be added onto or combined with any one of our programs. Private instructors can be rent the use of the pool to teach any pool related activity.

  • Catering / BBQ

    Ring Homestead Camp Inc. offers catered meals, as well as, all you can eat BBQ's for any one of our adventure programs.

  • Winter Fun / Cross Country Skiing

    We have over 3 miles of trails with all the high quality ski equipment is available.